Nature and Nanotechnology

Nature has been using nanotechnology  for  millions  of  years now. From

the lotus leaf, rain water as if it has no contact with  its surface  drips like

a pearl.
This phenomenon was explained  by  the  ultra-modern  ESEM  scanning

microscope, which found that plants grow  nanoparticles  in  their  pores,

leaving no foreign bodies to penetrate. The surface becomes hydrophobic

without changing its texture and roughness. So  when  droplets  of  water

fall into it, it drips dust and dirt and the surface is self-cleaning.
Our waterproofing products are inspired by  this  phenomenon.  Material

fats penetrate fatty substances that  contain pollutants   and  dust.  When

removing dirt with a common cleaner, we actually  reopen  the pores and

the phenomenon is repeated.


Using nanoparticles, however, millions of nanoparticles are deposited in  the  material  pores,  they  modify   the   surface and make it super hydrophobic without changing its appearance. Dirt and foreign bodies are easily removed with water or cloth and the surface is cleaned.


Nanotechnology is based purely on nature, but the potentials of living matter are limited. On the contrary, modern technology has at its disposal a wide range of artificial conditions under which matter reveals amazing properties. Particles acquire completely new properties as their size approaches the nanometer.
Technology is reconciled with nature and makes our everyday life easier.

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