AquaShield Mix

Waterproofing product based in nanotechnology

for mixing with cement and mortar


AquaShield Mix is a water-based product. The nanostructure of this material acts as shield against moisture and salts, waterproofing at the same time the porous surfaces. Mixing AquaShield Mix with cement, mortar joint or mortar coating, millions of nanoparticles penetrate the material making it superhydrophobic, without sealing it or changing its properties and appearance. In this way, AquaShield Mix achieves perfect water-proofing, easy cleaning and protection from mold growth and fungus. In addition, the surface of the material is protected from cracks. 


Replace the quantity of water with AquaShield Mix and mix until a homogeneous mixture is formed. The material is activated 48 hours after the application.

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For every 8kg of cement, mortar joint or mortar coating, replace 1L of water with AquaShield Mix and homogenize until a lump-free mixture is formed.

For mixing with:

  • Cement

  • Mortar joint

  • Mortar coating


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