Nanoxsol S

Water-based cleaner for salts


Nanoxsol S is a biodegradable water based detergent for salts. Thanks to its advanced composition, it dissolves and cleanses salts and residues from soaps and sea water from any surface other than marble without affecting it and damaging it. Thanks to its advanced composition, it can also clean stains along with salts. It does not contain allergens, ammonia, petroleum derivatives and acids, as is the case in most common salt cleansers, and is therefore human and environment friendly. Nanoxsol S is suitable for use throughout the home, such as in the living room, in the bathroom, in the garden. In particular, it can be applied to faucets, showers, tiles, bathroom accessories, stainless steel accessories, iron steams and coffee machines. It is suitable for cleaning salts in clay pots and tiles without altering their surface. It can be used in the stainless steel parts of the boats by removing the salts from them and maintaining their glowing action.


Shake well before use. Apply with brush, roller or spray. Brush slightly and allow the material to act for about 10 minutes. Then clean with water. In the event of old stains, it is advisable to heat the liquid at 40-50°C to get better results. Repeat the procedure if there is a large amount of salt.

Available Packages






6-8 m/L depending on the surface's porosity and absorption and the type of the pollutant


Suitable for

  • Salts

  • Soap residues

  • Sea water


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