AquaShield Ceramic

Waterproofing product based in nanotechnology  for ceramic surfaces


ΑquaShield Ceramic is a water-based product. The nanostructure of this material acts as shield against moisture and salts, waterproofing at the same time ceramic porous surfaces. Millions of nanoparticles penetrate the ceramic material and modify its surface making it superhydrophobic without sealing it or changing its properties and appearance. In this way AquaShield Ceramic achieves perfect waterproofing, easy cleaning and protection from mold growth and fungus. In addition, the surface of the material is protected from cracks. 


The surfaces must be clean and free of any type of dirt (dust, oil, grease, rust, soap, etc.) and absolutely dry. Aquashield Porus is ready to use. Apply the material to the surface with a brush, roller or spray. The second application is recommended to be done crosswise and in less than 3 hours after the initial application. For surfaces with small porosity one application is sufficient. In this case, excess material should be removed from the surface after 20-30 minutes. The drying of the surface is expected after 1/2 - 1 hour, depending on temperature and humidity.

Available Packages






8-12m /L


Application Surfaces

  • Roof tiles

  • Bricks

  • Ceramic porous materials

  • Pottery


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