NanoViis Company in the cooperation of the Municipality of Kifisia with ACCI

The cooperation protocol was signed by the Mayor of Kifissia, Giorgos Thomakos, with the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Greece, Konstantinos Michalos, on Monday evening, 4 July, to jointly promote youth entrepreneurship programs, something unprecedented for Local Government data.
A truly well-organized event was organized by the Enterprise Committee of the Municipality of Kifissia in the idyllic space of Villa Kosta, where KEMME is housed in Nea Erythrea.
Host of the evening and organizer, Vangelis Avlitis, Deputy Mayor of Entrepreneurship, together with the director of the Municipality of Kifissia, Maria Ladaki, set up a beautiful setting, which had nothing to be jealous of the big gala made by companies for similar events. Invited were our businessmen who attended a type and essence seminar from ACCI on the emergence and ways of innovation in entrepreneurship.
The well-known journalist, Fanis Papathanassiou, presented to the audience the speakers, starting with the Mayor of Kifissia, Giorgos Thomakos, who welcomed, stressing that the Municipality of Kifissia is the only one in Greece that has created the infrastructure for two years, making continuous moves with a variety of actions such as seminars, lectures and workshops. Particularly mentioned was the seed of young entrepreneurship that the Municipality throws and awaits to germinate and bear fruit.
The chairman of ACCI, Mr. Michalos, stated in his turn that he believes in the development and promotion of youth entrepreneurship despite the pessimistic messages of the migration of scientists from our country during the last years of the crisis and he listed the actions of ACCI for the development of the neophyte entrepreneurship.
The Assistant Professor of Human Resource Economics at the University of Patras and a member of the Board of Directors of ACCI, Mr. Haris Lambropoulos, who presented data on the current unemployment, especially to young people, spoke, then, stressing the importance of the initiative of the Municipality of Kifissia, which supports the Youth Entrepreneurship program.
The president of MCK PRISMA Consulting, Mr. Frangiskos Theofylakos, expressed his optimism that the program that the Municipality has put in place can mobilize the whole city, citizens, businesses and institutions.
Then two young entrepreneurs spoke, whose efforts were reinforced by ACCI, Dimitris Tsoukleris of NanoViis and Panayiotis Karakitsios of Geomiso. "We started as researches and ended up businessmen", said the two researchers and pointed out the great help they got from the support of the ACCI.

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