HMERHSIA.GR : A start-up company using nanotechnology for the benefit of human

To turn their idea into a business, with the support of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, had the opportunity 42 young teams through the work of the Athens Business Incubator of ACCI.
With the launch of the Incubator in a specially designed and fully equipped space, a "nursery" of innovative businesses was established in the heart of Athens. The aim of ACCI has been and remains to contribute, not only in reducing the required initial capital, but also in overcoming a number of barriers and problems that emerging businesses are called to face.
NanoViis is an example.
The products that NanoViis will offer are nanotechnology products that apply to our everyday life. The aim is that the specific nanotechnology products will become the new revolution with innovative materials in the field of medicine, industrial processes, materials of high strength and durability, energy and the environment.
These products cover everyday needs of consumers, as they are waterproofing, cleaning products, etc. Their advantage is that they are human and environmental friendly and very easy to use.
The innovation is that nanotechnology is being used to make the products of NanoViis. All products are water-based and are completely harmless to the environment and humans. Most of the products on the market contain hazardous solvents and are not environmental friendly. In addition, the cost of products is very low compared to similar products on the market.
This project is a member of the Enterprise Network of the Municipality of Athens and joined the development project "Project: Athens" and is co-funded by national and EU funds through the ESDP Operational Program Attica 2007-2013.

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