The quality policy of NANOVIIS - Innovative Nano Technologies aims at specifying the general framework of quality objectives that it manages through the Quality System, committing itself to full customer satisfaction and providing the company's overall vision, as expressed by senior management.

The company's vision is to establish itself on the market as a reliable Nanotechnology product manufacturing company with the right staff, knowledge and experience to be able to cover a wide range of business activities. This vision is implemented through the establishment of a Quality Management System that records, analyzes and evaluates any information related to the quality of the finished product and service, the perpetual way of achieving customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.


The company's management, having fully understood the needs, demands and trends of the market, undertakes that, in order to achieve its vision, it is necessary to observe the following:


- Implementation of a Quality System based on EN ISO 9001: 2008 for the efficient operation of which will provide the appropriate resources in terms of training the human resources of the company and in terms of providing the appropriate means, facilities, equipment and general infrastructure.


- Respect the original customer specifications and provide confidence to the customers of the business that the product they receive or the service they have requested in time and the quality they originally prescribed.

- We measure customer satisfaction in order to achieve the objectives of quality.

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