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When resin reaches the saturation point and both calcium and magnesium ions have replaced those of sodium, the resin must be regenerated. Regeneration is automatically activated following a reverse ion exchange process. For the resin’s regeneration, a saturated solution of sodium chloride (salt) is used: sodium ions are binded by the resin, while calcium and magnesium are discharged into the drain. Regeneration is periodic, following predetermined time intervals or it depends on the volume of water treated by the softener. Aqua's softening resin is suitable for contact with food, has high mechanical strength, high ion exchange capacity and low salt consumption. The strictly controlled granulometry minimizes pressure loss and ensures reliability and long service life.


Aqua Water Softeners are designed, made and selected to cover any application. The main advantages are its simple use, adaptability to water flow variations and coverage of small, medium and large scale applications.


The same equipment can also be used to remove nitrates from water by using a special type of resin that is also regenerated with sodium chloride (available on request).
Designed and manufactured in accordance with current EU directives.


NanoViis– SoftR

It is the best solution in terms of cost and performance. It is designed to be the most affordable series of compact products:
► their very small size makes them suitable for installation in confined spaces,
► extremely easy to use thanks to their electronic automation with 3 simple programming steps,
► supplied with flow meter and optional bypass valve,
► high efficiency thanks to the 7-stage regeneration, which provides 10% more ion-exchange capacity than the 5-stage standard regeneration.



Technical characteristics


• Provides an electronic flow meter
• Simple 3-step programming. Time-Hardness-Salt adjustment.
• 7-stage regeneration for greater performance
• Hydraulic Inlet / Output Connector: 3/4 inch-BSPT, male thread
• Hydraulic sewer connection: ½ inch-BSPT, male
• Power supply: 220 VAC/50 Hz
• Operating pressure: 1.5-8 bar
• Operating temperature: 5-38°C
Aqua Water Softeners provide high-quality "soft" water for both domestic and industrial
applications. Water softening is the ion exhange process that removes the hardness, caused
by calcium and magnesium salts, by exchanging them with sodium ions, which does not
accumulate and does not cause hardness problems. In order for this exchange to take place,
the water flows through a resin, previously activated with sodium chloride.

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