Dimitrios Tsoukleris  / Managing Director

Dimitrios Tsoukleris is a PhDc in Chemical Engineering of the National Technological University of Athens (NTUA) and a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Athens. His research from 2003 is focused to nanotechnology. He is co-author in more than 20 scientific articles with more than 500 citations from fellow scientists all over the world. Today Mr. Tsoukleris, as managing director of NanoViis, wants to introduce nanotechnology with low cost into our everyday life.

Panagiota Tsoukleri  / Production Manager

Panagiota Tsoukleri is a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Since 1988 she has produced numerous of electromechanical designs and constructions of building installations. Recent years Mrs Tsoukleri specializes in the usage of new technologies (and especially nanotechnologies) for solving problems related buildings and facilities.


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