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For more information please contact with us

For more information please contact with us

For more information please contact with us

For more information please contact with us


NanoViis Petroleum is a nanotechnology-based company founded and incorporated in Greece.  NanoViis benefits specifically from its innovative capability and integrated technology platforms. NanoViis Petroleum specializes in nanoparticles research and development. We continuously introduce new products and improve our existing portfolio. Furthermore, we deliver the most comprehensive list of products and fit-for-purpose custom design services for industrial applications all around the world. Our goal is to arise as a trusted source for all your developmental and manufacturing needs.

It sounds almost unbelievable, but the science of nanotechnology may be the right tool for the creation of “smart” materials. All our products are invented, produced, and tested in Greece meeting the highest expectations. 

Health, safety and environmental considerations are a priority in our business planning for all existing and new performance products and processes.

Our products are developed to:

  • Perform under the most challenging conditions, both technically and environmentally.

  • Solve complex water repellency and cleaning problems.

  • Minimize treatment and disposal of waste streams.

  • Enhance product use and safety in the workplace and reduce storage problems to the least amount attainable.

Our products are marketed to end users in conjunction with qualified distribution partners together with leading edge engineering and service companies.

Our partners and end users are supported in the application of our chemistry and technology by technically qualified experienced professionals.


The Reduxsol and Nanoxsol product lines remove a large range of both organic and inorganic deposits. They act rapidly, effectively and safely in removing contaminants, with minimal to zero impact on the treated surfaces. Both product lines, based on innovative chemistry, are easy to apply and perform under the most challenging conditions.

Certain Reduxsol and Nanoxsol products can be applied together to effectively and rapidly remove mixed organic and inorganic deposits. 


The types of equipment that have been successfully cleaned with Reduxsol and Nanoxsol products ranges from hydrocarbon storage vessels to complex heat exchangers. Specific types of equipment where challenging cleaning problems have been solved include:

  • Heat exchangers

  • Plant units

  • Cooling and heating systems

  • Towers

  • Glycol regeneration units

  • Crude oil separators

  • Tanks

  • Separators

  • Hydrocyclones and pipelines 

We can support you with:

  • Chemical Decontamination Technology

  • Application and Process Planning

  • Project Technical Support

  • Waste Minimization Techniques 


Our commitment to the environment is foremost in our planning and management for all existing and new products and processes.

We continuously work to improve the environmental characteristics of our products to ensure that they remain in compliance with the most rigorous standards.

In order to monitor the environmental profile of our products they are tested for:

  • Biodegradability

  • Bioaccumulation

  • Toxicity on different species


Our products have been registered under the following ordinances:

  • R.E.A.C.H. (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical) registered

  • H.O.C.N.F. (Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format) registered

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